Perfect health is
a natural law of nature,
and it is our source of inspiration.

Nature has all the secrets
for vitality,
be in unison with the natural world.

Return back to nature for
complete wholeness
and experience life energize.

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Brahmi Ayurvedic Center
a Keraleeya Panchakarma Therapy and Wellness Center!

Derived from its ancient Sanskrit roots - 'ayus' (life) and 'ved' (knowledge) - and offering a rich, comprehensive outlook to a healthy life, Ayurveda origins go back nearly 5000 years. The renewed interests in age old science of Ayurveda and the growing awareness about Ayurvedic treatment now have given rise to a fresh hope among people who are looking for an alternative medicinal methodology. Not only is Ayurvedic medicine being used for curing maladies, it is also being increasingly put to use for general wellness.

The knowledge of Ayurveda is used to effectively treat a wide range of conditions from the common cold to more complex conditions such as allergies, digestive problems, back pain, headache as well as skin, circulation, neurological, skeletal, joint and immune system disorders. Ayurveda also works particularly well with chronic and degenerative diseases such as diabetes, asthma, eczema and arthritis.

Brahmi Offers

  • Keraleeya Panchakarma treatments (Snehana, Svedana, Dhara, Vamana, Virechana, Nasyam, Vasti etc)
  • Rejuvenation programs and Stress management ( Abhyanga or Full body message, Shirodhara, Mukhalepa or Facials etc)
  • Therapy for life style disorders as listed in below section
  • Beauty care like Mukhalepa or Facials